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Serenity Cashmere Gray Keepsake

Serenity Cashmere Gray Keepsake

R&S Design has created the Serenity Cashmere Gray keepsake to stand out above all other urns of its kind; made from one of the most beautiful natural marble stones around; cashmere gray marble. Overall color is gray along with white and black natural veining that brings a one of a kind look to this urn. Each urn is made from one block of stone and not pieced together; this helps to prevent the urn from cracking and allows the urn to be seamless. The matching lid opens from the top and can be sealed permanently with the glue provided. 

Item#: SG103

Height: 5"
Diameter: 4" 
Capacity: 15 Cubic Inches

Includes Bag, Glue, & String
Ships in molded Styrofoam packaging

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