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Serenity Pebble Stone Keepsake

Serenity Pebble Stone Keepsake

As your heart finds peace, your loving eyes will search for the tranquility of memories and fondness. The beauty of this marble is in it’s golden hue highlighting the granular stones and chert pebbles. These pebbles are from a high energy mountain stream deposit. This one of a kind formation is only possible in a vast mountain range such as the Himalayas. Each keepsake is made from one block of stone and not pieced together; this helps to prevent the urn from cracking and allows the urn to be seamless. The matching lid opens from the top and can be sealed permanently with the glue provided. As with every R&S Designs product, you can rest assure that each piece is of the highest quality.

Item#: SP103

Height: 5"
Diameter: 4" 
Capacity: 15 Cubic Inches

Includes Bag, Glue, & String
Ships in molded Styrofoam packaging

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