Serenity Nouveau Keepsake

An impressive blending of creative artistry and design technology has resulted in the Serenity Nouveau keepsake urn. Crafted from top-grade cameo and ebony marbles, these jewels of the earth are formed into a unique urn that reflects an interplay of light and dark. The cubist or abstract art styling of the Serenity Nouveau urn blends a traditional shape with non-traditional stone placement. 

R&S Design Gallery has transformed a simple urn design into a sensually appealing art piece which honors the uniqueness of each individual.  The Serenity Nouveau urn embodies tradition with a revolutionary twist and it appeals to our tactile sense.

Item#: SN103

Height: 5"
Diameter: 4" 
Capacity: 15 Cubic Inches

Includes Bag, Glue, & String
Ships in molded Styrofoam packaging

Category: Keepsake Urns

Type: Urn

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